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We are an AI-first Product centric company building technologies to chain human cognition with AI. Through our products, we express our vision towards the future of technology, innovation & creativity with an influence of culture.
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The Beginning

Software has eaten the world and AI will eat software.
We are in a plate tectonic shift of the technology realms. A shift that would matter to humanity as a whole. We are firm believers that AI in-conjunction with human cognition is the best possible way out here. But, it requires a fresh thought and a fresh approach. That's why we focus on AI-first products. Our ultimate motto and mission.

Independence as a Pledge

We strongly believe in freedom and innovation. No plans to follow the status-quo and we're on simply a mission to go rogue, but with a cause - while having a blast doing things without waiting for a green light. Forget playing it safe, we're all about breaking the mold and keeping it damn real.

The Strategy

Software needs reinvention and we are here to just do that with a culture of experimentation and sustainable growth. We build our own products whilst creating corporate joint ventures with a goal of AI-transformation.
At the end of the day – we are still a business with a twist.

The Team

Small teams, big fun and even bigger victories. Its like having your own little super hero squad where everyone's a star. We are the little engine that could brainstorm, hi-five and make awesome things happen. All thanks to oh-so-tiny & terrific teams.
We move fast and we do what needs to be done.

Work, not Worry

Work is often described as a worry magnet. Corporates often paint picture of them "battling" challenges, grappling with "headaches" and wrestling with "uncertainties".
Let's get it straight! Work is a journey, not a fret-fest.

Product Philosophy

We are building hardware and software products that encompasses AI. Our primary domains are shipping, logistics, consumer and enterprise SaaS.

Financial Aim

Tech world is like a magician that vanishes money. But we clearly are old school wizards. We prefer making a buck, not blowing a buck more than we make. It's not just smart, it's the secret sauce for the long run.

Eight -the-Eight Plan

This is a method of building one killer product every 8 weeks and it doesn't wear us out. Why Eight? Well, its long enough to get stuff done and short enough to shake things up if failed. Moreover, we get to do this 6 times in a year to recalibrate and pick the game plan.

Act First, Question Later

It means jumping into tasks without over thinking and aiming to solve problems fast. Keep it simple, act quickly, sort out the details later and make things happen.

Beyond Fortune 500

We are not aiming to join Fortune 500 list, instead, our objective is to assist companies already in that fortunate position or aiming at that list, ensuring they remain at the pinnacle. We shall support leaders to maintain their leadership status in the respective sectors. Got the bullseye? We thought so!

Workplace Wins

Talking face-to-face sparks creativity and strengthens the team. Office is your zen place for getting things done - no interruptions, less distractions, big smiles, good times and just pure focus. As declared, we're old school cool. Virtual bonds and feelings? Not our style!

ASAP - Quick Action Heroes

We like doing stuff in real-time, matching the speed of now. In a world where everyone wants things right away, we proudly belong to the ASAP brigade. Ensuring our work and communication keep pace with the current moment, the fastest path is our happy route.

Stay Ahead

New and Novel is hard. Innovations in Software Products is often sinusoidal. Technology is only a tool and nobody gives a damn about how you solved the problem. End result is what matters. That’s the law of jungle and we follow it to the heart.

Say NO to Internal Politics

Startups, they're the playground for creativity, where taking risks transforms into a treasure hunt for rewards and where dreams materialise into reality. We are a flat culture and we mean it. There is no place for name bashing, power struggles or sexual harassment. Anyone with a better idea or a better skill will win. No surprises if an intern becomes a Product Owner.

Tiny Tech, Big Backing

Tiny Tech shares, Tiny Tech respects, Tiny Tech empowers, Tiny Tech nurtures, Tiny Tech collaborates, Tiny Tech innovates, Tiny Tech celebrates diversity. Tiny Tech, we have your back!!

Customer is King

This is often said many times. When a customer complains, there are often 2 choices – Resolution or Frustration. A frustrated customer will never trust you again. Don’t force your customer to frustration. We dare not to oversell and we are equally customer obsessed.

Communication Hurdles

Companies sometimes have trouble speaking clearly, but its not a total mess. Smaller teams mean fewer chances for mistakes. It’s like having a more manageable and closely-knit group where the chances of misunderstandings are minimized.

Piece of Cake?

It is a phrase commonly used to tasks performed by others. Be careful not to undervalue how hard tasks can be if you're not used to them or don't know much about them. Would it be fair to characterise what you do as a "Piece of Cake"?


We are here for a longer term. Sustainable and self-serving allowing us to break the status-quo.

No Strings Attached

With us, it's a simple transaction - you buy our product and that's it. No selling customer data, no targeted ads. Our business thrives on selling top-notch-products, not on selling your personal information. Your privacy is a priority.

Innovation Loop

For those presenting groundbreaking concepts, be prepared to repeat it over the years before it gains traction. Our approach? We're giving space for others to voice their ideas, make mistakes and learn from them before diving in.

Re-Meeting Caution

If a second meeting is called on a same issue, it's not a good sign. Second chances often fail and further attempts might too. Meetings come with costs - consider alternatives.

Find Peace Beyond Work

Step away from the continuous routine. Don't worry about whether you are doing enough. Finish your daily tasks, close your laptop and enjoy life.

Decision Making

Choosing what's best for our company can feel overwhelming, and the urge to hurry through decisions is real. But, we take a different approach. Instead of a leader making decisions alone, we patiently wait and ensure our team is on board with the choice. Even though it's tougher to get the team emotionally invested in the decision, we find it crucial. Without that commitment, the team's execution may lack enthusiasm or might not happen altogether.


Share all the important and relevant details with your team, whether they are good, or not so great. Your team is smart and when something's wrong, the team knows it already. Keeping negative information from them won't help and might make them more anxious. Let's be open and honest.

The Art of Team Collaboration

Think of it as a group project where each person adds a unique color to the painting, creating a masterpiece. It's the ultimate tag team, turning "me" into "we" for success that tastes, looks, and feels better!

Culture Club

Company culture is how everyone acts and feels together. Think of it as the special thing that makes work feel more like play, where everyone is unique and celebrated. It's the good feelings that turn work into a place you enjoy being.

Tech with

In a software company, social responsibility is like writing code for a better world. A socially responsible software company not only produces cutting-edge solutions but also strives to make a positive mark on society, showing that innovation and empathy can go hand in hand in the tech world. It's not just about lines of code for us.

Whats the deal with the name?

Eventually there will be only 2 categories of people. Humans with AI and Humans without AI. We are dedicating our lives to chain human cognition with AI and hence the name Cognochain.